Risk Takers Wanted. Each day in classrooms around the world teachers seek to create an environment where their students are comfortable taking risks because they see the value of having a growth mindset.

This high octane presentation focusses on how we as educators also must draw on the process of risk takers and daredevils in order to effectively support the learning of all students, improve our personal practice and find greater joy in what we do each day.

Empower your board or a conference of excited educators with this spectacle that promises to awaken the inner daredevil in all those who attend.  

"You will struggle to find a speaker with this much passion for what he does. I'm ready to take risks for my staff and students...I'm ready to be a daredevil educator!"

"Feeling so empowered by @mrmartinedu and the daredeviledu stunt team! I'm so inspired to make a change for my students."